Business Leadership for IT Projects

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The elite runners get to stand at the starting line.

The elite runners take off when the gun fires. What happens to those back in the pack?

An IT initiative is a project with the added difference that it has tons of abstraction that require skilled teamwork and collaboration to deliver. Senior business leaders often underestimate how much they own to lead their project team through this challenge. Yet they are the ones with the business  knowledge and  the means to remove obstacles encountered by those stuck in the pack.

This post discusses three mistakes business leaders make and what they should do to address them — using the analogy of the recently-held Chicago Marathon.

For more on the topic of business sponsorship, see Time Magazine’s coverage of my post on Here’s the setup.

Time Magazine Excerpts Article

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Sometimes you get a gift. I worked hard to write a post for a leading CIO site. One day, Time Magazine Online had excerpted my article. Here’s the synopsis I posted upon publication.

How to Keep Business Projects on Track





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Common Vision as the Pinacle of Alignment

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An effective shared vision is tough like a shipyard rope

Read my latest article in, Common Vision is the Best Kind of Alignment. The point: it is not just about getting the team to follow your vision. Rather, enrich that vision with the contributions and knowledge of others. By doing so, you create a shared, more durable understanding — and execution team — that can stand up to the challenges confronting project execution.